HTA Supports service providers, families, local preschools

HTA works in response to meeting the needs of various stakeholders, the children/students, New York State, Contracted Municipalities, School Districts, mainstream preschool settings, and families. In order to support families, our providers and our local preschools, HTA offers various continuing education opportunities. HTA values best practice and we work to help our providers stay current with latest developments, skills, new technologies. Our workshops help providers remain licensed/certified and maintain membership in necessary associations/licensing bodies. HTA recognizes that a child/student can best meet their goals when each person in their lives can assist in the teaching.

Various continuing education offerings include:

  • Ongoing education to our special educators working with preschoolers (SEIT)
  • Support/education to the families of HTA instructed children
  • Support for mainstream preschool staff who are working to integrate typical and special needs children
  • ASHA approved workshops